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Our First NYFW Show: Check!

Want all the details? Start reading...

Merci Dupre Clothier finally made its debut on New York’s fashion week runway, and it was a show to remember. We launched our sustainable fashion collection at the star-studded Runway 7 at Sony Hall. Models strutted confidently down the catwalk in our beautiful designs, and we were met with a resounding round of applause from the crowd. The night was filled with exuberant energy as we showcased our new designs, proving that sustainable fashion can be both fashionable and eco-friendly.

Our mission for this show was to inspire environmental awareness through our clothing and accessories. Our design team worked hard to create innovative pieces that highlighted sustainability while still looking stylish and sophisticated. We incorporated unique details such as handmade gems and beautiful photorealistic portraits of our founder, Dr. Christina Rahm, into our clothing. The clothes were dipped in our nanotechnology called “Enviremware” which is a protective and preventative solution made of a proprietary blend of shungite, orthosilicic acid, vitamin c, and reverse osmosis deionized water. This is innovative formula is designed to protect your body by making your clothes one of the first lines of defenses against environmental pollutants such as EMF Radiation, heavy metals, viruses, bacteria, parasites, and fungi. (For the next blog, I will go into detail about the technology and the scientific research behind the ingredients used!)

In addition, Merci Dupre also partnered with animal shelters to donate proceeds from sales of their garments to help care for dogs in need. To further that, what was so special about the fashion show was the furry friends who took over the show. One portion of the show, the rescue portion, was dedicated to ten beautiful models and their furry friends from ten different animal shelters, and the winners of the show were awarded a sizable amount of money to go to the three winner rescue charities!!

The night was made even more special by inspiring words from Dr. Christina Rahm (our founder), who spoke about the crucial need for protecting both ourselves and animals from environmental harm. We ended the show with a heartfelt message about how much appreciation we have for everyone who helped make this momentous occasion possible - from the incredible models to our sponsors The Root Brands and Karen Floyd’s Elysian Magazine. Special thanks to the Runway 7 and Sony Hall for putting on this incredible event for us and Consuelo Vanderbilt Costin for hosting! For our designers, Chan artwear/photography and Mathieu castanier for providing us with such incredible designs - as well as special thanks to all those behind-the-scenes who worked diligently on putting us together!

We are so proud of what we achieved at Merci Dupre’s first fashion show during Fashion Week. We created something meaningful out of a shared passion for helping animals in need while taking steps towards protecting the environment - because they are inherently linked! This experience has ignited a renewed sense of creativity within us; it has opened up conversations about conscious consumerism that will hopefully continue long after the show is over. Onwards and upwards!

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